Timetabling training and support

We do everything timetabling! Our team of experienced timetablers deliver training courses, webinars, consultancy and outsourcing to both UK and International schools. As the largest timetabling company in the UK, we are completely dedicated to supporting your timetabling and curriculum planning process. We have our own office and training premises and have helped hundreds of schools achieve their timetabling goals since 2007. We work with academies, state schools, independent schools and International schools, using TimeTabler, Facility Scheduler, Timetabling Solutions and Nova T6.

Upcoming Courses

19/11/2019Principles of timetabling1 day 225 Full More info
20/11/2019Introduction to using 'Nova T6'1 day 225 Available More info
21/11/2019Advanced timetabling with 'Nova T6'1 day 225 Available More info
22/11/2019Timetabling Workshop days1 day 225 Available More info
25/11/2019Student Options with 'Timetabling Solutions'1 day 225 Full More info
26/11/2019Timetable Construction with 'Timetabling Solutions'1 day 225 Full More info
27/11/2019Timetabling Workshop days1 day 225 Full More info
28/11/2019Timetabling Workshop days1 day 225 Available More info
03/12/2019Scheduling of Part-timers1 day 99 Full More info
09/12/2019Student options/electives with 'Options'1 day 225 Full More info

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timetabling training premises Market Harborough

Timetabling consultancy

We pride ourselves on being able to offer timetabling consultancy days that are right for the school and individuals. Either onsite consultancy at your school, specific for your staff, or at our premises we can offer a bespoke consultancy days. In peak timetabling season we have limited availability for consultancy, so do ensure that you book ahead.

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Outsourcing the timetable

Schools are increasingly choosing to outsource the timetabling process, either entirely or in parts. A school might not have the required in-house skills to meet the curriculum objections, staff might have left unexpectedly or the leadership team feel their time is more valuable elsewhere. Please get in touch for a chat about your situation and we can help work out the best level of support.

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