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Testimonials of MIST Service

"unsolicited complimentary commentary..."

Testimonials about consultancy and training provided by MIST Services.


"It has been an excellent experience working with you and I hope this will continue for many years to come. You cannot beat experience and you were able to bring both this and objectivity to the party!"

"Everything went really well with the timetable and we are super happy with your service and turnaround time. If anyone ever asks for a reference customer don't hesitate to give them my contact info"

"I met both Chris and Peter and they were both very knowledgeable and friendly. The service and advice, some of which is ongoing, has been amazing. I would suggest that all schools use MIST as either a starting point for their timetabling or as a place to do their timetable with expert advice on tap. I honestly couldn't be happier with the service and it has been the best CPD I have ever attended."


"Thank you very much for the excellent training. We found it very useful."


"Thanks for your help with our timetabling in the summer - following our day together it all went remarkably smoothly, so I obviously learnt something! We will be looking to book you again for a similar day next summer, to kick start our timetabling process."


"You certainly have the ability to make the process easy for most people"


"I just wanted to take this opportunity to write and thank you for all your hard work on timetabling last year.

"We are now well into the term, the timetable is working well! Your calmness, efficiency and expertise throughout the whole process was much appreciated and has meant a very good start to the school year for us. Thank you."

"We will be in touch with you to talk about plans for next year."


"You are a totally awesome guy! Thank you for your patience and helpfulness on Friday!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Thank you Peter. Everyone has spoken very highly about the quality of the training and your personal qualities and commitment. I really appreciate your thoughts on the calibre of the team. Given your unparalleled track record, I really value your judgement. "

"I cannot praise Peter enough, if it were not for his patience and teaching ability and time I would not have completed a timetable. He made an enormous positive difference to my confidence to complete the timetable."


"Thank you for all your help - absolutely invaluable"


"Thanks for the comprehensive instructions."


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the timetabling session that you gave."


"Peter's subject knowledge is immense, every problem we encountered was solved and for a novice timetabler I appreciated the way in which Peter could explain things in more than one way. No matter what question I asked whether it was about the use of sotware or on the general principles of timetabling Peter was able to answer me. His patience and knowledge were without limit."


"Thanks for the idea, I have tried it out and it worked very neatly!"


"Your on-line tutorial was most helpful."


"You have made a certain lady very happy!"


"Peter's punctuality and reliability were both excellent and he was most generous with his time - both on consultancy days and over the telephone."


"Just to say a big thankyou for the course last week. We are so much further ahead this year than last, it's good to have got all the curriculum plan set up, teaching groups etc"


"I recommend Peter without hesitation, I feel extremely lucky that I had his support throughout the whole process. I am most grateful for all the knowledge and help Peter was able to provide. "


"Explanations very clear.  Relevant examples made timetabling easy to understand."


"Possibly the most stimulating and enjoyable second day of a course I have been on over the last 10 years.  Many thanks."


"The course went at a pace I could manage.  The trainers were supportive and human!  I feel much more confident now.  Thankyou very much."


"A well paced coursde with two very helpful trainers - excellent."


"I cannot praise Peter enough; he made the difficult task of learning a new skill as easy as it could be. His friendly, thoughtful and helpful personality allowed for a working relationship to be formed very quickly which helped the whole process. Peter was extremely generous with his time and help and his vast knowledge and experience were clearly of great benefit."


"Really good course, specially for people that don't have any idea about Timetabling!"


"Well worth spending the time looking at the principles.  The suggested timescales etc are very useful for new timetablers to have."


"Very informative coruse and Chris was very helpful as always - thanks!  Learnt a lot today."


"Peter's experience has allowed us to produce a realistic curriculum structure and timetable to meet our diverse needs and expectations even when tightly constrained by staffing and Diploma issues."


"I now feel raring to go!"


"A very useful course to confirm things I've already been doing and to give me new ideas."


"Quite possibly, the most useful course that I have attended - superb for the novice Timetabler."


"Excellent starting point for Senior Managers putting their toes into the timetabling water!"


"Fantastic venue, good pace to the two days with lots of activities to maintain challenge and enhtuse."


"Peter's knowledge in all areas of curriculum planning and timetabling is outstanding. He has the ability to listen carefully to our needs and translate them in to arrange of possibilities before arriving at a final solution. Peter always considers the wider range of influences on curriculum planning and offers advice for future planning. Peter's knowledge of Facility CMIS and Facility Scheduler is second to none."


"Clearly delivered - well paced with time to understand and apply.  Friendly, engaging - always ready to answer questions and queries."


"The venue was excellent and the staff were very friendly and overall a brilliant course combination and venue."


"The training was top quality, the trainer was very knowledgable both subject and technical ability.  Look forward to another training session by the same trainer."


"Loved the course, very thorough.  Well explained and competent, experienced trainers.  Thanks!"


"Learnt lots of good tips."


"I would recommend Peter without any reservation; he has excellent subject knowledge and outstanding patience coupled with the ability to explain even difficult solutions in a pragmatic way."


"This course is a must for anyone involved in timetabling.  It makes a lot more sense to me now."


"Would recommend this not just for new timetablers but for those who've done it for a year or two and can gain more techniques, insight and copnfidenece."


"I learnt a lot and found it invaluable."


"Enjoyed it.  Went quick!  Good atmosphere."


"The pace of the training was good - didn't get 'bogged down' on tasks.  Good trainer to customer ratio."


"With Peter involved I am always confident that any problem will be resolved and the project will be a success. Peter is a pleasure to work with and delivers excellent training and consultancy; he has saved me many sleepless nights and furrowed brows."


"I have timetabled before but never knew the background to what I did.  Much clearer now."


"Good to have a small amount of course delegates.  Gave opportunities for more questions and 1:1 help and advice."


"Thanks for the reassuring 1-2-1."


"A good introduction done in a relaxed manner to allow time for reflection/discussion."

Online live chat feedback

"I received excellent help and instructions. Thanks a lot Chris!"

"Thanks Chris - that was most helpful"

"Brilliant what would I do without you"

"Thanks Chris, that's brilliant exactly what I need."

"Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much"


"Brilliant what would I do without you"

"Chris is a wonderful chap!!"

"Enjoy the weekend, thanks again."

"Great- many thanks for helping me to me realise I am a complete plonker!"

"Thank Mate - that was so helpful"

"Thanks for all your assistance"

"Thanks. life saver!"

"Thanks, you've saved me a lot of stressing!!"