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At MIST Services we provide quality services relating to curriculum design and timetabling, striving to build a timetabling knowledge hub to benefit all timetablers, school managers and administrators.

Chris Knights-Branch is the founder of MIST Services and has a background in both Education and software. As a former employee of Serco Learning, over the years Chris held various positions ranging from Support, Trainer, Regional Director, Training Manager and Timetable Development Manager.

Since forming MIST Services he has formed a good working relationship with Chris and Keith Johnson from TimeTabler, as well as creating an associate network. Ultimately allowing schools access to skills and services they need. MIST Services works with a range of school in the UK as well as many International schools. This is very important as it allows up to keep at the forefront of all school timetabling needs.

MIST Services prides themselves on understanding the needs of the customer and wishes to excel on expectations.

Timetabling products used by MIST Services are:

  • TimeTabler

  • Nova T6

  • Timetabling Solutions

  • Facility Scheduler

MIST Services will

  • Deliver high quality services meeting the needs of the modern timetabler

  • Deliver high quality services meeting the needs of the modern administrator and school managers

  • Work in a moral and ethical way

  • Support clients with educational change and trends by monitoring the Education sector and offering a combination of free advice via appropriate media and paid services

  • Work with a range of schools and impart knowledge accordingly