Timetabling webinars

Webinars are perfect for gaining knowledge on short topics without leaving school to attend a full course, but still allow the opportunity to ask questions.

We offer a mix of free and paid webinars. Paid webinars are often recorded, to allow you to watch it back again, but the free webinars are not recorded.

Please be reassured that if it says it is free, then it is! Unfortunately the invoice email is mandatory (it's a shared form) but just simply put your email address and be re-assured no invoice is raised.

We also offer a range of timetabling training courses and workshops.

TimeTabler 2020 - new features up to 1 hour £FREE Details
Remote support session 1 hour £95 Details
Exporting from TimeTabler up to 1 hour £FREE Details
Options 2019- new features up to 1 hour £FREE Details
Gold Start welcome webinar 1 hour £FREE Details