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Timetabling network

we have built a community of timetablers, where you can ask questions and interact with timetablers across the world, ultimatley helping one another.

At MIST Services we meet and interact with a lot of schools in the UK and Internationally, each having their own needs and style to timetabling which gives us quite a unique experience and view of timetabling. We are growing a network of timetablers who help and support each other.

LinkedIn community (free of charge)

MIST Services have set up a LinkedIn group, where you can freely ask or answer questions on any topic you want:

  • Whether it's government policies, impact of examinations rules

  • How do you organise your curriculum?

  • I'm new to the role and don't know what to do

  • I'm switching software solutions, any one good advice?

  • I'm stuck and not sure what to do!

  • How does my timetable get into the MIS?

  • Plus whatever you want or need to ask


The community on LinkedIn is completely free, simply email mist@mistservices.co.uk requesting to join.  The more people contribute the greater the resource it'll become.


Timetabling lounge (free of charge)

MIST Services offer half hour remote sessions each week during the busier periods of the timetabling season, where anyone can attend and ask any question they want!  The topics can be general discussions about timetabling or asking software questions typically along the lines of; in my school I have a certain curriculum, restriction or constraint - how do I put that into the software?  The topics are whatever you ask!


MIST Services announce the day and time via the LinkedIn community, so all you have to do is be a member of the LinkedIn community (remember that's free as well).  When you know the day and time simply click here to join the session (it's best to have a machine with a microphone).


No man is an island....

Human beings do not thrive when isolated from others.  So please join in and contribute.