Timetabler moving products

As a school you may be migrating to a new MIS which means you as the timetabler find yourself in the situation of using a new timetabling product. 

First thing to say is at MIST Services we use TimeTabler, Nova T6, Timetabling Solutions and Facility Scheduler so regardless of the combination we can talk your language and do some translation!  Although all great products, they are all different so if you are a seasoned Nova T6 user then don’t assume TimeTabler functions the same way (and vice versa) as they don’t.  At MIST Services we would always advocate completing the Curriculum planning and the Scheduling courses in the software solution you are to use.

For more details on courses and services available for your new timetabling product just click the product below.

If you find yourself needing to transfer your current timetable from say Nova T6 to TimeTabler then this is a service we offer here.  It is a task that can be completed by the school but it is a manual task and certainly isn’t a five minute task.



TimeTabler and Options

TimeTabler and Options is designed and developed by Chris and Keith Johnson.

Timetabling Solutions

Timetabling Solutions

Timetabling Solutions is an integrated Options, Timetabling and Daily organiser program.

Nova T6

Nova T6

Nova T6 is designed and developed by ESS SIMS, used extensively by SIMS schools.

Facility Scheduler

Facility Scheduler

Scheduler is designed and developed by One Advanced offering an event based scheduling solution.

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