Scheduling your curriculum with Nova T6
1 day (9:30-4pm) Market Harborough, £150+vat

This one-day course (typically second day of two days of training) is designed to allow users to understand how to schedule the curriculum model in Nova T6.

The course is designed for any level of timetabler using Nova T6 to create the school timetable but we would strongly encourage that the Curriculum planning with Nova T6 course has been attended.  The training day is designed purely around scheduling and not the setting up of the curriculum.

Laptops and training data are provided and the format of the day is very much hands-on.  At MIST Services we appreciate that each school is ‘different’ and as such you can tailor the day to your type of school.  Training data will be available for the following types of schools:

  • 11-16 School (two-week timetable)
  • 11-18 School
  • International School (IB curriculum)
  • Prep/Junior school

We recognise that one set of training doesn’t fit all, meaning you can opt for the most appropriate dataset.

We operate small groups of a maximum trainer to delegate ratio of 1:8 and you will receive a certificate of attendance.  You will also gain access to the on-line course too so you can reference materials at your leisure so please ensure you use your email address when booking.

Scheduling your curriculum with Nova T6- Check and validate

Check and Validate

  • Checking staff aren’t over-committed
  • Running partial schedule trials
  • Running of combing charts
  • Running of the combing chart
  • Undertanding the Analysis section
  • Running of curriculum reports


Scheduling your curriculum with Nova T6- Scheduling


  • Scheduling fixed points
  • Manual scheduling blocks
  • Tagging and auto-scheduling
  • Building blocks prior to scheduling
  • Scheduling un-built blocks
  • Use of the Bands window
  • Understanding the Block window
  • Creating a timetable clash
  • Using the Optimize screen
Scheduling your curriculum with Nova T6- Quality reports and Printing

Printing your timetable

  • Printing individual timetables
  • Batch printing
  • Understanding ‘selection’ timetables
  • Saving ‘selections’
  • Understanding the print options available to you
Chris Knights-Branch, Trainer

Chris Knights-Branch


I love timetabling, there is no other way to say it!

This one-day course will cover all aspects of scheduling.  There are very few schools where you can press the ‘magic’ button have a coffee and voila your timetable is complete!  As such we’ll discuss scheduling strategy, the different scheduling methods and the really important aspect of what to do if there is a problem!

Just remember an 80% scheduled timetable is just that! 20% is still to go and at times that’s where the hard work begins.

If you have any questions about the course just fill in the form below.  Look forward to working with you.