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It may well be that you now have the repsonsibility for creating the school timetable.  Firstly, can we say congratulations – it’s the best role you can have!

You may be a small school, large school, state school, academy, independent, all-through, international school it deosn’t matter to us.  we’ve worked with all types of schools and the honest answer is each school has their own timetabling challenges!  But the good news is though, there is always a solution.

Whether you are super excited or slightly nervous we are here to help.  The Principles of Timetabling is a great course (software independent) that helps you learn the role and jargon of the timetabler.  But we also have software specific courses both in-person and on-line.

We offer all levels of training and consultancy including on-line courses and remote assistance so please click on your software solution and browse specific training and consultancy services.  As ever if unsure please complete the Contact form or email

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TimeTabler and Options

TimeTabler and Options is designed and developed by Chris and Keith Johnson.

Timetabling Solutions

Timetabling Solutions

Timetabling Solutions is an integrated Options, Timetabling and Daily organiser program.

Nova T6

Nova T6

Nova T6 is designed and developed by ESS SIMS, used extensively by SIMS schools.

Facility Scheduler

Facility Scheduler

Scheduler is designed and developed by One Advanced offering an event based scheduling solution.

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